Three Great Christmas Gifts for the Cyclist in Your Family

The cycling community is a very niche one, as the it entails specific equipment, techniques, and considerations absent from most other aerobic sports. Therefore, if you have an avid cyclist in your family, the holiday season can bring about a frustrating double-edged sword: gift ideas for this individual may be categorically obvious, but finding one that actually caters to their unique demands may be challenging.


That said, if your cycling loved one has not given specific ideas as to what they may want or need, here are some great potential gifts to consider.


A celebration of past success


Has your loved one recently competed in a race or similar competition — perhaps one where he or she set a new personal best or placed in the upper portion of the field? If so, this might be a great opportunity to create a unique, personalized gift showcasing their accomplishment. The sky is pretty much the limit in this regard; you could put a racing number or picture from the race in a nice frame, purchase a set of high quality images from the race’s website and arrange them in an album, or simply make a craft based on some other race souvenir. By leveraging the already potent emotion associated with the race, you will all but guarantee a warm reaction.


The boring (but useful)


If you cannot think of anything as fun or meaningful as the previous section, it might be a good idea to simplify your gift search to what is mechanical and “boring;” that is, inner tubes, chains, wheel pumps, and other maintenance-based items that will go a long way in terms of cyclist convenience. Think of these gifts as cyclist stocking stuffers; they may not be earth-shattering or highly memorable, but in most cases they will be appreciated more than you may know.


The gift of safety


The winter season brings earlier sunsets, which can quickly put a damper on outdoor sports and hobbies; where cycling is concerned, however, this can create a dangerous dilemma for riders: ride in the dark, or do not ride at all. The latter is usually not ideal for anyone taking the sport seriously, so therefore enhanced visibility becomes an asset. All of this information in mind, new bike lights (or some other form of night riding safety material) can, literally, be a safe gift for a cyclist of any experience level. There are few scenarios where this type of equipment will not see use — just make sure you are buying products that are reliable.