A Beginner’s Guide to the Grand Canyon

A Beginner’s Guide to the Grand Canyon


Don’t leave the rim

First and foremost, try to book a hotel room along the South Rim because it allows you to get an early start the next morning as you embark on day 1 of Grand Canyon hiking. This will also give you a head start to experience all the incredible wildlife from elk to antelope on your journey in one of the most treasured national parks in the country.


Bright angel trail

This trail in the Grand Canyon is a 10 mile trek and offers more comforts if you are a first time hiker in the area (drinking water, emergency lines and volunteer rangers). However, keep in mind that volunteers and other park rangers usually do not travel any deeper than say around 6 miles into the trail.

One of the reasons why the Bright Angel Trail is so amazing is because each time you hike or explore this area, you constantly find something new that makes the experience even more memorable.


Keep tabs on the weather

A few days before you plan to hike the Canyon, be sure to watch the weather closely to avoid any post snow or rain trails that will be very muddy and dangerous. If you do decide to hike the muddy trails, it is important to bear in mind that the wet stone pavement can be really close to several steep drops that are sometimes over 400 feet.


Passing by the Indian Garden

While there is a lot of hype around overnight camping at the Indian Garden, many park visitors and campers agree that this isn’t necessarily the most ideal place to spend after a long day in the Canyon. Perhaps overnight camping in the spring or fall could be better, the extreme hot weather and cooler nights is not great for the body. Plus it is super muggy and uncomfortable in the summer. Happy hiking!