Best Hiking in British Columbia

The region just north of Washington state, British Columbia is known as Canada’s most western province generally encompassing rocky mountain ranges that continue to attract skiers, hikers and campers. Continuing to awe people by the thousands, there is no question as to why hikers and cyclists alike are drawn to this region’s sparkling freshwater lakes, stony sandy beaches and breathtaking views of the vast forest extending for miles.

Stretching for over seventeen thousand miles, the majority of the islands and mountains remain uninhabited. Fjords, a narrow passageway with sides or cliffs due to glacial erosion, is also a common natural occurrence you can see when hiking trails that lead you to the rocky coast. Even though fjords are relatively common in countries such as Norway, New Zealand, Iceland and Chile, British Columbia has its fair share of these U-shaped valleys that mark it as a destinations for so many outdoor lovers.

Although many avid nature lovers and avid camp-goers often explore areas such as Glacier National Park and Pacific Rim National Park, other stunning nature preserves in the British Columbia region have yet to be discovered. The below is a compiled list of one day hikes in one of the most untouched regions in North America.

east sooke regional parkEast Sooke Park
A massive park encompassing over 3512 acres of land, this preserved natural landscape is hands down of the most ideal ways to experience solitude amidst the wilderness. With over thirty one miles of untouched nature, this park allows visitors to get lost in the timeless beauty ranging from the meadows to pocket beaches where you can discover the rugged coast.

For breathtaking views of the Olympic Peninsula, take the time to explore other trails that start from Sooke Basin such as Babbington Hill and Mount Maguire Hawks. However, if you are on a time restraint, hiking the Coast Trail will give you an inside glimpse into the rugged coastal scenery full of pine and arbutus trees, along with wildflowers that are sprinkled throughout the meadows as far as the eye can see.

The Coast Trail Hike in the East Sooke Regional Park is quite an extensive hike, lasting around six miles or an average of five miles in the cliffy depths in the endless forest green valleys. Known as a hilly trail, this hike is marked the highest difficulty level because of the stony terrain.

Garibaldi Provincial Park
Just north of Vancouver, Garibaldi Provincial Park also consists of steep mountains in which most of them have been capped by glaciers. One hike in particular, The Black Tusk, is completely unforgettable because of the interesting black volcanic dome that makes the trail aesthetically special.

Within this park alone, there are five entrance points from the Sea to Sky Highway that allow you access to the different areas in Garibaldi. The second entrance will give visitors access to nature sites such as The Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake and Panorama Ridge. After a long day of hiking, you can also set up camp in one of the two recreational areas near this entrance.

Yoho National Park
Created in 1886 by Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, this park perfectly located amidst the Canadian Rocky Mountains adjacent to both Kootenay National and Banff Garibaldi Provincial ParkNational Park. For incredible scenery that would be sure to take your breath away, the awe-inspiring Iceline Trail will have you experiencing the snowy peaks of British Columbia within the first hour of the hike.

This signature trail circuits up to the most spectacular glacier views while also descending to allow hikers to explore the delicate, wildflower meadows along with the Laughing Falls in Yoho Valley. The trail length ranges anywhere from eight to thirteen miles, in which you can reach the maximum elevation of around two-thousand sixty five feet. Even though this a quite a difficult challenge even for the most expert or top hikers, it’s important to remember that the vistas high up at this point are unparalleled to any mountain range in British Columbia in its entirety.

However, in order to view the most stunning views of the peaks, you would need to hike up to the highest point called the amphitheater which is located at bottom of Emerald Glacier. Once at the top, you can clearly see magnificent panoramas of the three peaks called the Vice President, Whaleback and Isolated Peak.

For more than one day in Yoho National Park or the surrounding British Columbia area, the Lake O’Hara Alpine circuit offers clear, picturesque views of Lake O’Hara, the lush green forest and the grey layered mountain ranges with snowy peaks. In terms of convenience, the Lake O’Hara Alpine circuit not only connects to seven trails to form a loop so hikers can move in any direction, but it also gives them access to various exits in case the weather is bad.