Great Gear for the Outdoors in 2021

Hiking, climbing, and camping are healthy and fun pursuits. They’re also becoming increasingly popular. Especially after the events of 2020, people are looking for things to do while still maintaining plenty of personal space. It’s great that so many people are getting involved in the outdoors. And having the right gear is important to stay comfortable and safe out in nature.


What to Bring

One of the biggest rules of hiking is to wear layers. They should be lightweight and easy to carry. The Stowe Windshell ReBird by Arc’teryx is a wonderful light top layer. It’s stylish, breathable and even offers some protection from the elements. It’s a great way to stay comfortable on the trail, and it’s easy to stash away should it get too hot.


Hikers also need a pack to carry things like their shells in. The Osprey Talon Ghost is an update on a well-loved backpack. The Ghost is super visible in bright white. It has a breathable back panel for comfort. There’s storage for water bottles and even a place to attach a bike helmet. It’s constructed from recycled nylon, and it’s very durable. The bag weighs just over 2 pounds and holds 22 liters by volume.


Footwear is incredibly important. Trail shoes should be comfortable and grippy, especially if people are going to be running on the trail. Altra and Craft Nordic Speed make some very solid shoes. But socks are incredibly important in the outdoors, too. It’s wise to stay away from cotton, which takes a long time to dry if it gets wet. Today, there are plenty of synthetic breathable fabrics that are great for socks.


Wool is lightweight, breathable and actually has some water resistance. Merino wool is commonly used in hiking socks. CEP’s Outdoor Collection includes compression socks made from a merino blend. The compression feature can help assist with muscle recovery. Compression socks have become popular with athletes in many sports, and now hikers are looking for them, too.


Finally, it’s important to have a tool on the trail. There are plenty of knives and small saws to choose from. The Silky Pocketboy Outback Edition weighs about half a pound. It’s a great handsaw for campers and hunters.