Hiking tips for all four seasons



Any season is the perfect season for hiking if you prepare properly and plan ahead. Below, you will find tips for every season to keep you safe during a hike.


Fall Hiking

  • Changes In Weather: During the fall season, temperatures can change by as much as 30 degrees on a given day. Be sure to pack extra clothing to remain warm and comfortable during a long hike in cold temperatures.
  • Shorter Days: The days become shorter as fall transitions into winter. Keep this in mind when packing your hiking gear. Bring a flashlight, extra batteries, and a headlamp to ensure your safety on dark trails once the sun sets.


Winter Hiking

  • Stay Warm: Hiking during the cold winter months poses many risks to your health in the form of frostbite and hypothermia. Dress in multiple layers of clothing to ensure you stay warm during your hike and that you’re insulated from the harsh winter winds.
  • Plan Ahead: Trails that you hike during summer may not be viable options during winter. Before you set out on your hike, plan ahead by considering the terrain you’ll be traversing. Avoid hiking trails that would pose a danger to you if they were covered in snow and ice.


Spring Hiking

  • Skin Protection: The arrival of spring can be a deceiving time of year for outdoor activities. While it’s still chilly and windy during spring, that doesn’t mean the sun is any less dangerous. The risk of sunburn is still very active, so pack sunscreen or wear clothing to cover your skin for protection.
  • Hyperactive Waterways: Hiking can bring you near or over rustic streams and rivers that are nestled in the hiking trails. During spring, rivers and streams flow quickly because of the melting snow and ice. Use extreme caution when venturing near a stream or river to avoid water-related dangers.


Summer Hiking

  • Set Out Early: The summer heat peaks in the early afternoon around 2 P.M. You want to already be finishing your hike by this time to avoid peak summer temperatures.
  • Stay Hydrated: During summer hikes, you will sweat profusely. Bring extra bottles of water with you to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.