The best snacks for hikers


Hiking is a great activity that is enjoyed by many people; it provides a fun way to get good exercise while experiencing nature, and it opens up a whole new way to have adventures and interact with family and friends.

That said, hiking can be a bit tiring. Taking along a snack can be a great way to maintain your energy. So, what are some great snacks to take along while hiking?

Below is a list of snacks to take on the next hiking adventure.


Roasted Chickpeas

This idea comes from Kaitlyn Wylde’s article in Bustle. Chickpeas have a lot of protein and carbs that can help refuel and recharge a tired hiker. Roasting them makes them crunchy, and takes out some of the water weight they carry. When roasting them, feel free to add olive oil and any spices that sound appealing.



This may seem simple, but apples are a great fruit to have as a snack. They tend to keep their shape and not get too mushy when in a pack, and they taste great. They also have natural sugars to help perk someone up. There is a variety of types of apples to choose from as well.



This suggestion also comes from Wylde’s article. Jerky is a great way to ensure that proteins are being replenished. They are also extremely tasty, which is a great bonus. That being said, Wylde warns that they do contain a lot of sodium that can dehydrate. She advises to not pack too much jerky, as this will cause the need to rehydrate.


Snack Bar

These types of bars can be bought at almost any location that sells food. That being said, try to avoid unhealthy snack bars and look for healthier options. The benefit of these is that they are quick and easy and can provide lots of energy.

Hiking is a great activity that can bring family and friends together. It immerses people in the outdoors and provides a fun way to get exercise in. That being said, it can be tiring, so packing a well-earned snack can help keep energy levels up. Hopefully the list above has provided some great snack ideas for hiking.