Top Hiking Trends for 2019

All sports change; they grow with the influence of the times and technology, and they evolve with the participants’ needs. Here are 5 top hiking trends to look forward to in 2019 to inspire you to get the most out of your workout.


Start Where You Are

For those who want to practice running, climbing, and hiking in the urban area in which they live, many venues are available to learn new skills, practice your technique, and form community. Look for gyms with rowing machines and treadmills, and utilize indoor climbing halls and rock climbing walls.


The Wild Side

Many running and hiking enthusiasts are moving beyond indoor arenas and into the wild. Studies show that exercising outdoors improves a person’s mood. Thus combining a physical fitness routine with time outdoors is good for the body and the mind.


Innovative Athletic Wear for Hikers

Athletic wear can help maximize your performance. From running shoes to hiking boots, well-fitting and beautifully constructed footwear are the foundation of your performance. Keep in mind your socks are part of this and look for an excellent athletic sock that moves with you, and that will keep your feet warm and dry. Plan your entire athletic wardrobe around clothing that is streamlined, lightweight, durable, wicks up moisture, and affords freedom of movement.


Commit to Adding Sustainability into Your Hiking Practice

Many athletic clothing brands are utilizing environmental-friendly manufacturing techniques, ethical sourcing, and creating clothing with a longer product lifespan. Some companies are creating garments from organic cotton, hemp, or putting a new spin on traditional fabrics, such as recycled polyester. Brands are offering life-long guarantees, charitable donations, and practicing innovative ecological solutions, such as cleaning up areas of oceanic waste.


The Merging of the Athletic Wear and Street Style

Another trend is sleek and stylish clothing that will take an athlete from the fiends and hills and hiking trails to the office or gallery. These are clothes that combine rugged good looks, lightweight materials, and on-trend yet timeless style.

Hiking is a fantastic way to share a way of life with your nature and fitness community or to embrace contemplative solitude. It allows the practitioner to enhance health and well-being. Incorporating these trends will make 2019 your best hiking year ever.