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3 Tips for Hiking Mt. Rainier in the Winter

  Mount Rainier is a beautiful national park that transforms in winter to a dramatic snow-covered wonderland. Located southwest of Seattle, this mountain landscape attracts visitors year round and is one of the most visited national parks in the country. If you are planning a trip to Mount Rainier, consider these tips for hiking the park in the winter. Try… Read more →

Your Guide to Glacier National Park

In terms of famous national parks within the United States, big name nature reserves such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Denali are primary destinations have been top destinations for many visitors year after year. With its stunning landscapes and limited tourists, Montana’s very own Glacier National Park is slowly becoming a top national park destination for individuals, families, and… Read more →

Bicycling in the Great Smoky Mountains

Similar to other national parks in the country, bicycles are generally allowed on most roads in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Although this is the case for most, if not all roads, it is important to bear in mind that inclement weather and other unfavorable conditions should dictate when you should explore these trails. As most of the national park… Read more →

Best Hiking in British Columbia

The region just north of Washington state, British Columbia is known as Canada’s most western province generally encompassing rocky mountain ranges that continue to attract skiers, hikers and campers. Continuing to awe people by the thousands, there is no question as to why hikers and cyclists alike are drawn to this region’s sparkling freshwater lakes, stony sandy beaches and breathtaking… Read more →

Cycling in the Rain

Sooner or later, everyone who cycles will be faced with riding in the rain. Although at first it seems to dampen the spirit, there are ways to prepare  and not only survive but also enjoy it. For the cyclist, the most important item of clothing for battling the rain is a jacket or cape. It is important to remember that the… Read more →

Yosemite: A Hiker’s Dream

Central to the development of the National Park movement, Yosemite reaches across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and hosts nearly 4 million visitors each year. This cherished National Park was established in 1890 largely through the efforts of John Muir, a Scottish-American naturalist, early advocate of wilderness preservation, and founder of the Sierra Club. Today, 95%… Read more →