All About Cold Hiking

Hiking during cold weather months can be a lot of fun. Sure, it’s cold. But if you use the proper safety precautions, it can be a really enjoyable experience. Just like you need certain gear when you hike in the summer, you will need to make adjustments for the cold. Here are some really good tips:


Stay warm. This means dressing in layers to retain as much body heat as possible. By layering tops, sweaters, and shirts, you can peel them off with ease when you get too hot. And clothing made of wicking fabric can reduce sweat and prevent hypothermia.


Wear a hat. Remember when your mother told you the importance of keeping your head warm during wintertime? Well, she was right. The oxygen in the head fuels the brain. It can also consume a lot of the body’s energy. So it is important to keep your head warm as possible.


Line your sleeping bag. If you don’t have one of those big, bulky sleeping bags, use a liner for more warmth. Most liners are pretty inexpensive and you will definitely know the difference on a cold night if you use one.


Use sunscreen. If you are out hiking all day, it is important to use sunscreen. The glare of the sun reflects off snow, which makes your skin vulnerable. The same UV rays that do damage in the summer months can do the same damage during the winter. So keep a bottle available if you plan on hiking.


Days will get shorter. This means the sun settles quicker and you should always be prepared. You can never have too many batteries and flashlights. Getting stuck somewhere in the cold and dark can be disastrous. If the days are short, you could find yourself lost before you know it. Never take chances.


Keep a warm water bottle. There’s nothing like a good warm water bottle to keep you all comfy and cozy. It’s excellent in a tent or by a campfire. Use a foam sleeve to prolong the heat.

Remember these winter hiking safety tips and you will never have to worry. Although hiking in the winter can have its challenges, it is a wonderful way to explore nature.