Best Snacks to Take on Your Next Hike

To say that hiking is a strenuous activity would be an understatement. It requires a lot of strength and determination and isn’t always for the weak-hearted. To make sure you get through your hike without passing out from the heat or exhaustion, be sure to pack plenty of snacks to get the energy you need. 

Peanut Butter and Bananas 

This snack is not only delicious, but it’s also full of the proteins, calories, and fats that you need to complete your hike. The bananas are also a great way to get rid of cramps thanks to the potassium that they carry. 

Beef Jerky

This is one of the most popular hiking snacks due to the fact that it’s easy to pack and tastes delicious. Beef jerky can provide you with a ton of protein, which you’ll need during a long hike. Eating this tasty treat is also a great way to make sure your blood sugar stays at a healthy level.


Whether fresh or dried, fruit is always a great snack to have on hand during a hike. The best part is, fruit can be incredibly versatile and can be mixed in with other snacks or simply eaten on its own. 


Granola is yet another favorite of hikers. You can either purchase it prepackaged at the store, or you can make it yourself. Granola isn’t perishable, which means it’ll hold up quite nicely during a long hike or even an overnight stay. When making it yourself, you can add in just about any ingredients you like to make a tasty creation. 

Trail Mix

Much like granola, trail mix is an ideal snack to take on a hike because it won’t go bad and it’s easy to store. You can purchase trail mix or make your own by combining your favorite nuts and chocolates. Trail mix is the perfect blend of sweet and savory and will give you the energy to keep you going.