Best US Biking Locations in the Fall

While the weather is cooling down in the US, pedal pushers also look forward to the season’s beautiful autumn colors. From Texas to Colorado, there are plenty of places where riders can enjoy the outdoors and take in the leaves.


Some of these trails are easy on the eyes and legs, while others require more muscle. Some places, such as the Trinity Falls in Fort Worth and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in Lexington, are more laid-back. If you’re planning on visiting one of these areas, park your bike at one of the campsites that are ideal for viewing the leaves.


If you’re a serious bike rider, fall foliage road trips are the perfect way to experience the season. We’ve rounded up the best locations to see the leaves in the US.


Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Lexington, KY

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a beautiful bike ride through the state’s famous bluegrass hills, historic bourbon regions, and horse farms. It starts in Lexington, home to over 400 horse farms and 14 of the state’s most extensive whiskey production facilities. Throughout the route, you’ll be able to taste some of the region’s best-known historic spirits, such as Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve.


Kebler Pass, Crested Butte, CO

Just outside the town of Crested Butte, a winter resort town, the aspens are known to grow in thick groves adorned with vibrant red and yellow leaves. Two bike trails near the city and riders can route through the trees to the summit. For added alpine drama, take the trail to Lake Irwin, which offers spectacular views of Mount Emmons.


Swamp Rabbit Trail, Greenville, SC

Although a well-designed bike trail is a welcome addition in most towns, the Rabbit Trail in Greenville is the center of its community. This trail, which spans over 20 miles, brings people of all ages and skill levels to the area. The town of Greenville used to be relatively quiet, but the trail has brought it back to life.


Trinity Falls, Fort Worth, TX

The Trinity Trails in Fort Worth are a beautiful bike ride that spans over a hundred miles through the city. It features two mountain bike trails that are located in Sansom Park. You’ll also find various local attractions, such as the Woodshed Smokehouse and the Panther Island Pavilion. These areas are significant for multiple activities, such as live music and food.


Blue Ridge Parkway, Swain County, NC

North Carolina is known for its beautiful autumn season. The Blue Ridge Parkway is excellent for taking in the spectacular fall foliage along the way. This route, which spans over 469 miles, features several tree species, such as maples, sassafras, and yellow dogwood. Even though it’s a long-distance drive, the ride on the highway will still be enjoyable.