Great Camping Podcasts Worth Checking Out In 2022

Going camping is a unique experience that offer’s plenty of great opportunities for adventure. Unfortunately, we can’t be camping constantly though. We have to return to the real world with our jobs and other responsibilities. When we can’t be camping, hiking, or performing other outdoor activities, podcasts can be a great alternative. Many great podcasts exist centered on camping and outdoor nature-focused activities which tell not only entertaining stories about camping trips but also provide useful information in order to make your next camping experience a blast. Here are a few great podcasts about camping to check out this year.



Sam Evans-Brown’s Outside/In is a podcast for literally anyone who has ever been outdoors. He aims to bring the outdoors to wherever they are. Sam combines solid reporting with long-form narrative to create a unique and entertaining experience. As long you’re a passionate outdoors person, you can enjoy this podcast. If you’re a fan of Scott Jurek’s work, check out the first episode of this podcast, where he talks about his incredible Appalachian Trail speed record-breaking adventure.


Tom and Kris Camping Podcast

If you’re okay with older content, then this is a great show to check out. This show aims to talk about making camping more sustainable and affordable. The goal of Tom and Kris’ camping podcast is to create thought-provoking content that tackles various topics related to camping. They’ve also created some very entertaining episodes, such as “5 Reasons You Need a Tent with Your RV” and “Should You Drive With Your RV Refrigerator On?” Each episode of the show is around 30 minutes long, and they’ve already recorded around 50 episodes.


Happy Camper Radio

Since 2015, camper and podcaster, Skip Huber, has been sharing his experiences with the listeners of Happy Camper Radio. Besides RVs, he also covers other camping topics. Expect to hear about issues such as when to replace your sleeping bag, how to grill with gas, and what to do if you lose your keys. Host Tom Huber offers practical advice and anecdotes that are delivered with a sense of humor. He also encourages listeners to call him at (404) 537-CAMP to ask him any questions. Each episode of the show is around 30 minutes.


The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries is a staple of the podcast industry, and it covers a wide range of topics including backpacking, skiing, and camping. Over the years, the show has featured stories about athletes, outdoorsmen, and people who aspire to achieve their deepest bucket list goals. Co-founder of the production company, Fitz Cahall, narrates the stories that the show has featured.