Health Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise can benefit you in ways you did not think were possible. Especially if you are someone experiencing a chronic disease like cancer, working out in the fresh air can be a component of the healing process. There are so many various reasons why outdoor exercise can enhance your fitness experience, and we are going to discuss them below, referencing points from


Firstly, outdoor exercise is a natural antidepressant. Some people experience a condition called off seasonal affective disorder, along with general anxiety and depression. The hormone that affects your mood, serotonin, is naturally increased by rays of sunlight. Also, endorphins, which help decrease pain and make you feel good, are naturally increased by exercise. Outdoor exercise is more challenging than working out indoors, helping to keep your body striving towards new goals. Sometimes, people tend to stick with a fitness routine more if they participate in outdoor activities because it feels less like a strict workout, and they can continuously add variety in methods and settings.


Outdoor exercise provides mental relief because it makes sticking to a fitness routine feel less like a chore and more like a fun time. Working out can sometimes overwhelm people because they are constantly worried about achieving results and specific goals, so exercising outside has a way of freeing their minds from the tension. Also, you can turn your outdoor fitness session into a social gathering. Many people go for walks, run with groups of friends, or even join local sports clubs to meet new people while working on their health. 


One of the main benefits of outdoor fitness is that it costs absolutely nothing, unlike gym memberships and other fitness clubs. Of course, you can pay for a personal trainer while exercising outside, but the beauty is that you are in no way obligated to. You can get your exercise in by taking a jog around your neighborhood or hiking a local trail, all while only relying on your own bodyweight. Lastly, there are opportunities to make it a team-building experience. As previously mentioned, there are many local clubs that adults can join to participate in recreational sports and fitness. There are often little to no requirements to join, and the experience can help build long-term friendships and improve your social life and mood.