The Best Autumnal Hikes in Colorado

The great outdoors provides people with many different activities for fitness and exploration. Hiking is definitely one of the popular activities in this category. It doesn’t matter whether hikers want to learn about an area or to challenge themselves. The state of Colorado offers trails that are both scenic and full of adventure.


Defined by one hiking resource, this is an activity where people walk in natural environments. In 2018, there were approximately 47M hikers in the United States. They might select a forest area or rolling hills in a location. Colorado is a diverse destination that offers flatland locations, as well as, the mountains. When the seasons start to change, many people find the best places to hike in the state.


Here are some of the Colorado locations that make the list:


Potato Lake – Spud Lake Trail


Considered to be an outer and loop style trail, this one is 3.1 miles round trip. The Spud Lake Trail has a moderate level of difficulty. Those who complete it will reach an elevation of approximately 420ft.


Pass Creek Trail


Another of Colorado’s beautiful locations for hikers is the Pass Creek Trail of 988ft. Situated near Durango, this trail is moderate and is the quickest option to get near Engineer Mountain.


Highland Mary Lake


Those hikers who want a challenge should visit Highland Mary Lake. This trail starts at 10+K ft. and climbs 2.5 miles, adding 1.4K additional feet. Completing the entire loop means hiking a total of 7.8 miles.


Sand Dunes Loop


Newbie hikers should consider Sand Dunes Loop because it is an easy-level adventure. They will travel 3.6 miles round trip and reach an elevation of 301ft. This fun trail is in Great Sand Dunes National Park.


The National Trails System includes about 193K miles of hiking area across the country. In some instances, hikers select parks and other designated locations for hiking. Having proper equipment and supplies is very helpful. Boots, walking sticks, snacks, and first aid kits are just a few to consider before getting started.


Fortunately for amateur and seasoned hikers, there are a lot of options for enjoying this activity. Groups hiking together should make sure they have enough supplies for themselves. Camping options are available at some parks but may require permission and registration.