Top technological innovations in cycling




Technology is perhaps more sophisticated and ever-changing than it ever has been, and its impact has been felt mainly in the forms of added convenience, fluidity, and overall efficiency across countless industries and communities worldwide.


The cycling industry is no stranger to advancements in modern technology, housing a variety of captivating and useful products that have revolutionized the ways we ride. Here are a few of the most noteworthy technological innovations in cycling.


Power meters


While some cyclists prefer to ride based on feel, the reality is that many have embraced power meters for additional insight to their effort. Perfect for pacing, time managing, and general fitness tracking on long rides, power meters ensure “greater structure and feedback for more effective training.” This technology has been around since the 1980s and 1990s, but they continue to become more sophisticated annually.




EBike systems are quickly becoming all the rage with commuters — mainly those focused on arriving at work with minimal sweat or body odor. These revolutionary systems essentially give riders a power boost via a small electric drive, which engages when you pedal and assists the motion to reduce effort while maintaining speed. EBikes are best suited for casual riders disinterested in building up leg strength, but they are nonetheless a major breakthrough in a subdivision of the cycling community.


Smartphone apps


Smartphones are arguably the best example of modern technology’s influence on society, and in cycling this technology’s impact has been significant. From ride tracking apps (Strava, MapMyRun) to apps focused on first aid protocol (St. John Ambulance: First Aid for Cyclists), apps have ensured our rides remain both effective and safe, all from the convenient location of our pockets or handlebar mounts.


Wearable technology


Wearable technology, in general, has reshaped the cycling community for the better. This technology is commonly represented by state-of-the-art heart rate monitors and activity trackers, but it has expanded to smart helmets, turn signal gloves, and head airbags as well. Portability and personality are merged to keep us aware and in-tune with our surroundings.