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A Guide to Exploring the Canadian Rockies by Canoe

The Canadian Rockies is a national treasure that offers an unparalleled natural experience. There are few better ways to explore it than by canoe. Come with us as we take you through the steps of what this adventurous and rewarding trip can entail. Get your gear together The first step that you will want to take is to get everything… Read more →

Hiking Safety 101: What to Do When Lost

Going for a hike is a great way to bond with friends and family during a weekend or a holiday. You also get to create good memories from the fun activities you participate in together during the hike. Hiking is a great opportunity for you to enjoy nature away from your phones and TV. It allows you time to catch… Read more →

The Best Water Filters for Hiking and Backpacking

Drinking water can be contaminated with a lot of harmful bacteria and heavy metals. This contaminates the water we drink and other bodies of water around us. There are many different ways in which we can dispose of these harmful contaminants but some methods require chemicals that are not good for the environment or human health.   When shopping for… Read more →

The Best Places to Hike This Summer

The summer months are a great time of year to experience the outdoors. There are great hiking destinations all across the United States that you can explore during the summer season. It’s important to do your research to learn about all the great hiking possibilities. The following are five of the best places to hike this summer in the US.… Read more →

Camping Hammocks for Outdoor Adventures

Camping is an activity that is enjoyed by many people. It is often described as a peaceful relaxation moment away from all the stressors and obstacles of reality. Not every camper is keen on setting up a tent though. This is where hammocks come in handy. Whether someone wants to spend less time setting up a sleeping area or just… Read more →

Great Gear for the Outdoors in 2021

Hiking, climbing, and camping are healthy and fun pursuits. They’re also becoming increasingly popular. Especially after the events of 2020, people are looking for things to do while still maintaining plenty of personal space. It’s great that so many people are getting involved in the outdoors. And having the right gear is important to stay comfortable and safe out in… Read more →

Ireland’s Best Hiking Spots

Hiking is a wonderful way to pass time, challenge yourself and enjoy nature all at the same time. You can find great hiking spots all around the world in the most unexpected places, from mountains to forests to jungles. Of all the great places to hike, Ireland is clearly one of the greatest, with its sea cliffs, remote islands, and… Read more →

Navigation Safety Without a Compass

Hiking is a wonderful pastime and a great way to connect with nature. You can typically go on hiking trails that have waymarked paths for you to follow, but a lot of people like to go off-trail hiking is rather popular as well. Regardless of which you prefer, it can be extremely easy to get lost. This is where survival… Read more →

Best Hiking Apps of 2021

With technology being integrated into almost everything we do, some believe life is becoming easier. These days, it seems that there is an app for everything, from music to news to cooking and more. Some of the most popular apps are the ones involving fitness and outdoor activities. Hiking is a sector that has many helpful apps to make your… Read more →