Hiking Safety 101: What to Do When Lost

Going for a hike is a great way to bond with friends and family during a weekend or a holiday. You also get to create good memories from the fun activities you participate in together during the hike. Hiking is a great opportunity for you to enjoy nature away from your phones and TV. It allows you time to catch up and talk about important issues with your partner or friend. Unfortunately, when going for a walk, no one imagines that they could get lost. Getting lost during a hike can be frightening. You never know what danger you might face. In the event you get lost, here are some actions to take.

Stop and Think


Stopping should be the first thing to do whenever you realize you are lost. If you don’t stop, you might get lost in the wood, making it more difficult for your team to locate you.



Immediately you realize that you are lost do not panic. Instead, start planning how to get yourself out of that situation. If the place has network connectivity, take out your mobile phone and call emergency services. Also, you should try and trace your steps from where you came from.

Get to Safety


You may get lost and find yourself in a place that may seem dangerous. While at this place, you need to exercise extra caution. The woods host many dangerous animals, insects and plants. Since no one is near to perform first aid services, you need to be extra careful. Even when hungry do not attempt to eat fruits just because they look edible. Moreover, it is important to find a place to shelter from the rain.

Shout for Help


Getting lost in between trees and hills makes it hard for you to be traced. However, you can signal for help once it hits your mind that you are lost. If you see a group of people at a distance, you can wave at them, signaling with your hand. If you can’t see anyone, you should shout so that your team can use your voice to trace your location in the middle of trees.


Getting lost when out for a hike spoils all the fun as everybody becomes worried and starts to panic. To lessen the worry whenever you are out for an adventure, every participant should be informed of these safety measures. Moreover, walking in twos makes it easier to find your way back in case you end up lost. Additionally, you should always master the routes you use buy leaving some clues every time you go for a hike.