The Best Water Filters for Hiking and Backpacking

Drinking water can be contaminated with a lot of harmful bacteria and heavy metals. This contaminates the water we drink and other bodies of water around us. There are many different ways in which we can dispose of these harmful contaminants but some methods require chemicals that are not good for the environment or human health.


When shopping for the best water filter, two things to keep in mind is the filter pore size and its usefulness in remote regions of the world.


The Micron Size of the Water Filter.


In the case of a portable water filter, it is important to find a filter that can clean all the substances from the water. For example, the size of the pores in a disposable filter depends on its size and this will influence how much water a backpacker can use with it.


Backpackers can always tell the quality of a water filter by how much dirt and bacteria it can remove. A portable water filter that is small enough to fit into your bag can’t be as effective as one that is larger. This is because smaller filters are more likely to have many micro-pores, which allow water to pass through them relatively easily, while larger filters have fewer pores and therefore produce less filtration.


A micron size of 0.4 or less, when placed on water, is a good enough filter to remove any parasites and bacteria which can be found on water sources in different parts of the world (such as lakes). This will enable people to have a healthy lifestyle even if they live in.


Usefulness in Remote Parts of the World


Water-borne viruses rarely cause major issues in North America, but they can be a serious health hazard in countries with high pollution and little to no environmental concerns. Backpacking in these countries can be particularly dangerous for backpackers, especially if those countries also have a shortage of doctors and hospitals.


For this reason, when backpacking in remote regions of the world, select water purification options that can eliminate the most dangerous bacteria and viruses that might be found in lakes, rivers, and streams.




The best water filters are the ones that can purify water without adding chemicals. These filters can remove everything from bacteria to heavy metals from drinking water.