The Best Places to Hike Overseas


From soaring to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to taking in the history of Machu Picchu to engaging with native peoples and cultures of the world, there is no shortage of amazing hikes on this planet. For avid hikers, narrowing down a bucket list of must-do hikes can be overwhelming due to all of the choices and wonders to behold. Although the United States has its fair share of epic hiking trails, here are five of the best places to hike overseas if you are looking for a little inspiration:


THE INCA TRAIL – PERU: As one of the most popular international hikes in the world, this 26-mile trek takes adventurers through beautiful mountain scenery and vast jungles before arriving at the historic Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. This hike is not for the faint of heart. Although it is shorter than a lot of the most famous global hikes, its rocky terrain and grueling inclines and declines make it an intense challenge for even the most seasoned hikers.


KILIMANJARO – AFRICA: This iconic trek takes people on a course of 35 miles at a whopping elevation of 19,340 feet over Africa’s highest mountain peak. Located in Tanzania, this grueling hike is usually done with the aid of tour guides. The work is worth it once you reach the summit high above the clouds.


EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK – NEPAL: This 70-mile hike not only gives participants sweeping views of Mother Nature in all her glory, but it is also a cultural experience. One major draw of this hike is the opportunity to engage with the indigenous people that make their home along the historic route.


BIBBULMAN TRACK – AUSTRALIA: Although this massive trail covers 600 miles, it is conveniently divided into 58 sections to make it more accessible for those not wanting to complete the entire journey. Numerous shelters along the way make it easy for hikers to set up camp. Hikers will be rewarded with magnificent views of the Australian coastline and the opportunity to see native wildlife.


LAUGAVEGURINN PASS – ICELAND: This unique 48-mile journey treats hikers to views of volcanoes, glaciers, and more. Huts along the way provide comfortable sleeping quarters in this Icelandic wilderness paradise.